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The LovingYOU Weight Loss Program is designed for those who are committed to developing a new relationship with their bodies, with food, and with activity. This being said, unlike other weight loss programs, LovingYOU does not promote any specific diet or extreme exercise program as the primary path to weight loss. LYWLP-coveimgWhat makes LovingYOU unique is its dedicated focus on the underlying causes of weight issues – namely negative emotions, limiting beliefs and daily stresses.

Recent research has concluded that our thoughts and emotional state directly correlate to our physiology. In fact, Dr. Kim D’Eramo states, “So powerful are your thoughts that they can negate the benefits of even the best fitness routines and the healthiest of diets.” Thus, it matters little what we do on the outside if our thoughts, beliefs and emotions are not aligned with our weight loss goals.

Through freeing up negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and daily stresses, LovingYOU provides participants the best likelihood of achieving not only effective and lasting weight loss, but also a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.


The 5-month LovingYOU Weight Loss Program is divided into two parts, the 8-week LovingYOU Intensive, and the 3-month LovingYOU Expansion.

8-Week LovingYOU Intensive  

~   Eight 60-Minute Weekly Sessions (via in-person, by phone, FaceTime or Skype)

  • Module 1: Getting Started With LovingYOU Weight Loss
  • Module 2: Reversing Limiting Beliefs About Weight Loss
  • Module 3: Cravings And Emotional Eating Habits
  • Module 4: Developing A Healthier Relationship With Food
  • Module 5: The Missing Link to Lasting Weight Loss
  • Module 6: Pleasure, Passion and Weight Loss
  • Module 7: Experiencing Pleasure In Body Movement
  • Module 8: Supporting Healthy Change

~   Eight Session Scripts

~   Eight 45-60 Minute Personal Coaching Calls (coaching and Q & A via phone, FaceTime, or Skype)

~   Eight Accountability Phone Calls (to support weekly goals)

~   Weekly 8-12 Minute Meditations (related to each module for daily use)

~   Weekly Focus Questions 

BONUS:  Nutritional Consult 

A 30-minute phone consult with Aubrey Thompson, Clinical Nutrition & Wellness Coach Living Balance Wellness; www.livingbalancewellness.com; 781-686-1968. 

3-Month LovingYOU Expansion

~   Support To Establish and Carry Out SMART Goals

~   Weekly Coaching Calls

~   Instruction On 5 Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

~   Guided Practice Implementing All Aspects of the LovingYOU Program

~   Unlimited Phone or E-mail Access (for questions or concerns)

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 LovingYOU Weight Loss Program

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"So powerful are your thoughts that they can negate the benefits of even the best fitness routines and the healthiest of diets."

~Dr. Kim D'Eramo


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